Solar & Roof

Solar power is gaining widespread popularity for residential, commercial and municipal use.

It is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of your solar investment by regularly assessing the condition and efficiency of each component. Over time, solar panels and components can become less effective due to damage, defects, or excessive usage. Our solution provides you with a simple way to monitor the efficiency of your solar equipment, allowing for timely maintenance before any major issues arise.


Solar Parks/ Solar Farms

Regular inspections of solar farms are crucial to ensure their optimal performance and prevent costly damage. However, traditional inspection methods take a long time and can be very expensive to carry out. It can take several months for a specialist to manually check each individual module for issues, making the process time-consuming and inefficient. The use of drones, on the other hand, can significantly reduce inspection time by up to 70% compared to conventional methods.

LiDAR Mapping

The development of solar farms has gained significant momentum as demand for renewable energy sources increases, especially in municipality projects where large plots of land are utilized. The accurate positioning and orientation of each solar panel is crucial for maximum energy production. That’s why industrial mapping of solar panel sites is important, as it ensures proper alignment of individual panels. By flying at a low altitude and speed, drone technology provides the necessary LiDAR point density for accurate mapping of infrastructure.

Our Equipment

Our method for gathering thermal and visual data involves utilizing a high-resolution thermal sensor (640×512) and a high-resolution RGB camera, which work in tandem to capture both thermal and standard RGB images at the same time. Our images are precisely geo-referenced with RTK technology, ensuring that you have the exact location of any potential issues, with accuracy down to the centimeter.

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