Solar & Roof

Solar energy is becoming increasingly more popular for homes, businesses and municipalities.

To get the most from your investment it is important to know the condition and efficiency of each component of that investment. It is a common occurrence for solar panels and components to become inefficient from damage, defects, or from extensive use. Whether you own or manage solar equipment, there is a simple way to periodically provide you with a tool to maintain that top efficiency. With this accurate information, you could allow for scheduled maintenance before any potentially catastrophic events occur.  


Solar Parks/ Solar Farms

Solar farms are subject to mechanical and technical failure, wear and tear, vandalism and even theft, which is why solar panels should be regularly inspected. But traditional inspections take a long time and are very costly to have professionally performed. Depending on the size of the solar farm, it could take months to have a specialist walk around attaching a meter to each individual module, looking for an inoperative or underperforming cell. However, the use of Drones cuts inspection time 70% over standard inspection procedures.

LiDAR Mapping

With the increased demand, solar farm development has become an active field in municipality projects where solar farms are built on large sites. Accurate location and angle of each solar panel is critical for optimal power generation. Industrial mapping of solar panels, where an accurate alignment of individual solar panels is vital. Flying at a low altitude and speed provides sufficient LiDAR point density for accurate infrastructure alignment.

Our Equipment

We use a high resolution thermal sensor (640×512) to gather thermal data, and a high resolution RGB camera to take the exact photo in standard RGB. They take both photos simultaneously. Our photos are georeferenced using RTK (Real Time Kinematics) technology, so you will know the exact location, at centimeter accuracy, of a specific problematic area that requires further investigation.

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