Power lines, Transmission towers, Substations and component inspections

With the increasing number of power lines and utility structures being installed, Drones are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to inspections, especially in mountainous or rough terrain. Using drones for these purposes saves a tremendous amount of time and costs, and is much safer than traditional methods. Regular power line and structure inspections go from a visual hands-on task that takes a very long time with the possibility of human error, to having aerial digital photos and/ or 3D models to be able to see from any computer, being able to catch a mistakenly missed item, preventing a return to the site.

Photo Quality

An inspection is only as good as the resulting final product. Due to large amounts of RF some power lines transmit, a high definition camera sensor with a high zoom level is a must. If too close, a standard drone will usually lose it’s GPS positioning which creates a dangerous situation. The drone will unexpectedly no longer hover in place and many times will result in an accident. A high resolution zoom camera allows the drone to be further away while capturing images that are of higher quality than a standard drone. We use a 200X zoom camera that allows detail so great that you can read a serial number from up to 1000 ft away.

LiDAR Scans

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection And Ranging, is a sensor attached to a drone that continuously emits laser beams and measures the reflectivity of the return. LiDAR is especially useful when detecting power lines or transmission towers due to their thin lattice structure. An example use of a LiDAR sensor would be for areas where a disaster has occurred and there is a need to see if power lines or transmission towers are damaged or have fallen. In real time, even without post processing, we will be able to see and report our findings on our monitor. We also have the capability of remotely broadcasting our screen to you, viewing our screen in real time over a 4G connection

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