Construction Applications

We have the equipment and expertise to save you time, cut your costs, and work safer

There are many benefits to integrating Drones into your construction projects. Benefits such as pre-construction, construction progress, 3D mapping and surveying, measurement of excavation depths and material stockpiles, inspections in dangerous areas or places that are difficult to get to, and more. Different Drones and payloads are necessary for different tasks, and we have what it takes to do it all.

Progress Photos

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to take aerial construction progress photos. They are becoming very popular in the construction industry and are widely used to show their stakeholders and/or their superior(s) the status of their project. They are also photos you can use for your portfolio and website, showing prospective clients your work, and how you went the extra mile to provide your previous clients with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly updates. Another way they are being used is for insurance purposes. In the event of vandalism or a natural disaster, you will have time-stamped documentation to help recover some or all of your losses.

3D Mapping

Using GCPs (Ground Control Points) with 3D mapping allows you to share the progress in greater detail to your stakeholders, or view and take accurate measurements of the construction site with millimeter/centimeter level accuracies while being off-site. It is an exact replication of the site with unparalleled detail. We use a high resolution full-framed DSLR camera that constantly changes tilt angles during flight. This allows us to capture a greater amount of detail in areas that get missed when capturing the conventional way, which is usually at a fixed 70-90 degree angle.

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