Construction Applications

Our advanced tools and skilled professionals allow us to streamline your processes, reduce expenses, and prioritize safety.

Incorporating drones into construction projects offers numerous advantages, including pre-construction planning, monitoring progress, generating topographic maps, determining excavation depths and material quantities, conducting inspections in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations, and more. Selecting the appropriate drone and payload for the task at hand is crucial, and we are equipped with the necessary resources to safely and precisely execute the job.

Additionally, we can furnish you with collected data, including contour lines, flow patterns, and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) in CAD-compatible formats (DXF, DWG, etc.), which can be incorporated into your as-builts.

DTM Water Drainage
Water drainage patterns and flood simulation


Adequate water drainage plays a crucial role in any construction project, as it can prevent significant labor and financial losses. Heavy rain without proper drainage can result in labor delays costing hundreds or even thousands of hours and setbacks that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

By utilizing LiDAR to generate an accurate terrain representation, we can run simulations based on various scenarios. Our comprehensive reports will equip you with the information necessary to proactively address potential issues before they become problems.

3D Digital twin
Screenshot of a 3D "digital twin" model

3D Mapping

The integration of Ground Control Points (GCPs) with 3D mapping enhances your ability to provide stakeholders with more detailed updates and allows for off-site measurements of the construction site with millimeter/centimeter level accuracy. This creates an accurate digital replica of the site with remarkable precision. We utilize a high-resolution full-frame DSLR camera that adjusts tilt angles during flight to capture greater detail in areas that might otherwise be missed with conventional methods, which typically use a fixed 70-90 degree angle.

Cut, fill, area and volume measurements
Cut, fill, area and volume measurements

Cut-Fill-Volume-Area Measurements

By combining LiDAR technology with Ground Control Points (GCPs), we are able to achieve highly precise, centimeter-level measurements of any stockpile, trench, or pit.

Digital Terrain Model with contour lines
Digital Terrain Model with contour lines
Construction site orthomosaic
High resolution orthomosaic of a construction site

Progress Photos

Aerial construction progress photos offer numerous benefits to the construction industry. These photos are frequently used to showcase project status to stakeholders and superiors and can also serve as valuable additions to portfolios and websites, demonstrating your work to potential clients and your commitment to providing regular updates. Additionally, they can be used for insurance purposes, providing time-stamped documentation in the event of vandalism or natural disasters to assist in recovery efforts.

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